2018/03/14 14:43

AirSeoul - Lost Baggage (3/3) 여행 : 새로운 경험 (국외)

 - Lost baggage from Incheon to Hong Kong, by AirSeoul
 - USD 20 / 1kg for compensation of lost baggage
 - Waiting my missing baggage to be found

Jan 20th
Check-in from Incheon Internatioanl Airport
Departed to Hong Kong

Jan 20th, midnight
Arrived in Hong Kong International Airport.
Waiting baggage more than one hours, but I couldn't find.
Visited to baggage department (SATS HK) and claimed.
Wrote PIR (Property Irregularity Report)

Jan 21th - 25th
Discussed with baggage department (SATS HK) continuously.
(my missing baggage)

Jan 26th
Submitted LBQ (Lost Baggage Questionnaire)

Jan 27th - Feb 23th
Discussion with baggage department (SATS HK) and AirSeoul
(my missing baggage, compensation, and so on.)

Feb 24th
Received final settlement form from AirSeoul

March 7th
Visited AirSeoul Hong Kong Branch
Submitted final settlement form and finished compensation

There are several issues what I don't mention in this article, but the communication was sometimes not fully satisfied with SATS HK because their main purpose is handling customer's baggage, not a compensation.
Finally, AirSeoul is responsible for my lost baggage and they compensated to me by IATA rule. But it's very lower than I expected.

We should do prepare for lost or delayed baggage because we don't know what something will happend.


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